Tree Rings

Tree rings from bald cypress reflect the influence of climate on tree growth.

Richard Keim, LSU

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Tree rings and past climate in the Arctic Last Updated on 2010-02-09 14:24:35 This is Section 14.6 of the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment. Lead Author: Glenn P. Juday; Contributing Authors: Valerie Barber, Paul Duffy, Hans Linderholm, Scott Rupp, Steve Sparrow, Eugene Vaganov, John Yarie; Consulting Authors: Edward Berg, Rosanne D’Arrigo, Olafur Eggertsson,V.V. Furyaev, Edward H. Hogg, Satu Huttunen, Gordon Jacoby, V.Ya. Kaplunov, Seppo Kellomaki, A.V. Kirdyanov, Carol E. Lewis, Sune Linder, M.M. Naurzbaev, F.I. Pleshikov, Ulf T. Runesson,Yu.V. Savva, O.V. Sidorova,V.D. Stakanov, N.M.Tchebakova, E.N.Valendik, E.F.Vedrova, Martin Wilmking.   The most recent historical period of Northern Hemisphere warming of similar magnitude (but possibly different in its cause) to that of recent decades is the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) from about AD 900 to 1300 (see also section 2.7.5). However, interpretations of the climate during the MWP do not... More »