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Climate trends in Israel over a 30 year period Last Updated on 2010-02-26 00:00:00 Authors: Hendrik J. Bruins and Hemu Kafle This summary is based on the following article: Kafle, H. and Bruins, H.J. (2009) Climatic trends in Israel 1970-2002: Warmer and increasing aridity inland. Climatic Change 96:63-77.  Introduction Israel is situated in the subtropical drylands of south-western Asia at a very sensitive climatic position. All four dryland zones are present in the country, ranging from the hyper-arid and arid deserts in the south (Negev) and east (Judean desert) to the semi-arid and dry sub-humid zones in the west and north of the country. Israel’s climate shows remarkable variability and change over small distances and the country is very suitable for the study of climate change. Therefore, a systematic study was conducted to investigate climatic trends in Israel for the period 1970–2002, based on a detailed analysis of monthly... More »