November 23, 2011, 9:37 am

ALEX is an acronym within the AIDJEX (Arctic Ice Dynamics Joint Experiment) Lead Experiment, which took place Feb. 23 through Apr. 10, 1974 and investigated small–scale meteorological and oceanographic processes associated with leads in pack ice near Barrow, Alaska. The experiment plan called for rapid deployment of five instrumental huts, measuring equipment and personnel by helicopeters and fixed–wing aircraft.

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The processes of primary interest were sensible, latent, and radiant heat loss to the atmosphere as well as the sinking of convective plumes of saline water formed by freezing and brine rejection at the surface. Logistical problems limited the success of the experiment, with the helicopter range limiting deployment to within 30 miles of Barrow and a dearth of suitable leads in that area.

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