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November 6, 2011, 8:21 am

ARCANE is a French research program to observe and model the movement of the Mediterranean Water (MW) in the eastern North Atlantic Ocean in the interior and along the eastern boundary.

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It is a joint civilian and military exercise taking place between 40 and 50 degrees N with most of the work to be done east of 14 degrees E up to the 200 meter isobath, although some float work will take place out to 25 degrees W to link with the proposed U.S. RAFOS deployments in this region. The plans call for the release of 60 RAFOS and 40 MARVOR floats. Also deployed will be seven acoustic sources for tomographic work, 40 drifting buoys drogued at 150 meters mostly on the continental slopes of the Iberian Peninsula, six current meter moorings (with a total of 27 current meters) on and near the continental slopes of the Iberian Peninsula for three years, and a bottom mounted ADCP to be moored for several three month periods. This program is scheduled to last until 1999 and is a companion program to EUROFLOAT.

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