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Anadyr Current

November 8, 2011, 11:12 am

The Anadyr Current is a surface current that flows along the northwestern side of the Bering Sea, through the Anadyr Strait between Siberia and St. Lawrence Island and on through the Bering Strait. It is mostly seasonally invariant with a velocity of about 0.3 meters per second.

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caption The Anadyr Current is indicated by the arrows in the upper center. The arrows with large heads represent currents with mean speeds >50 cm/s. The Alaskan Stream, Aleutian North Slope Current (ANSC), Bering Slope Current (BSC) and Kamchatka Current are indicated. Depth contours indicate 1000 m isobath and in the Bering Sea the 200 m isobath. Source: NOAA


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