Arctic Atmosphere Program

November 18, 2011, 5:23 pm

Arctic Atmosphere Program (AAP) is a component of the Arctic Climate System Study (ACSYS), whose goal is to better understand the Arctic atmosphere that provides the dynamic and thermodynamic forcing of the Arctic Ocean circulation and sea ice. The objectives of AAP include to:

  • Encourage intercomparisons of reanalysis efforts and the assembly of long–term datasets from these intercomparisons;
  • Identify shortcomings and implement improvoed parameterizations in the atmospheric modeling systems used for future reanalysis efforts and in climate models;
  • Promote intercomparisons of the high latitude performance of climate models;
  • Promote the quality control, archiving, updating, publication on CD–ROM, and migration to relevant data centers of key atmospheric datasets;
  • Promote strategies for rescue of at–risk atmospheric datasets; and
  • Provide a polar clouds and radiation program through the GEWEX Clouds and Radiation Panel and other programs.

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