SI multiples of becquerel
Multiple Name Symbol Multiple Name Symbol
100 becquerel Bq      
101 decabecquerel daBq 10–1 decibecquerel dBq
102 hectobecquerel hBq 10–2 centibecquerel cBq
103 kilobecquerel kBq 10–3 millibecquerel mBq
106 megabecquerel MBq 10–6 microbecquerel µBq
109 gigabecquerel GBq 10–9 nanobecquerel nBq
1012 terabecquerel TBq 10–12 picobecquerel pBq
1015 petabecquerel PBq 10–15 femtobecquerel fBq
1018 exabecquerel EBq 10–18 attobecquerel aBq
1021 zettabecquerel ZBq 10–21 zeptobecquerel zBq
1024 yottabecquerel YBq 10–24 yoctobecquerel yBq
The becquerel(symbolBq') is the SI derived unit of radioactivity in the International System of Units (SI), and equal to one disintegration or nuclear transformation per second. It is therefore equivalent to s-1. The older unit of radioactivity was the curie (Ci), defined as 3.7×1010 becquerels or 37 GBq.


The becquerel is named after Antoine Henri Becquerel, the French physicist credited with the discovery of radioactivity.

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