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Beta plane approximation

December 10, 2011, 11:46 am

The beta plane approximation, in oceanography and general fluid dynamics, is a simplified coordinate system for the equations of motion where the variation of the Coriolis parameter f with latitude is approximated by

= f0 + βy

where f0 is the value of f at the mid-latitude of the region and β the latitudinal gradient of f at that same latitude. This formalism is used to investigate both equatorial and mid-latitude phenomena (for which there are slightly different beta plane approximations) where f varies significantly over a few tens of degrees latitude. The beta plane approximation allows considerable simplification of the governing equations and therefore the use of analytical investigation methods. See Gill [1982].

The beta plane equations are obtained by introducing a background stratification into the shallow water equations, expanding them around a reference latitude θ0 with respect to ε~ θθ0, and keeping terms up to first order in ". This approximation introduces the horizonal coordinates

x = r0 cos θ0(φφ0)

y = r0(θθ0)

and expands the Coriolis parameter as

f = f0 + β0y + • • •

where β0 is the beta paramter at the reference latitude. The resulting equations (after Muller [1995])


caption Image:Img62.png + caption Image:Img64.png - caption Image:Img66.png = caption Image:Img67.png

caption Image:Img68.png   +  caption Image:Img69.png   +  caption Image:Img70.png

0  =  caption Image:Img72.png

caption Image:Img73.png   =  caption Image:Img74.png

caption Image:Img75.png   +  caption Image:Img76.png

where (u, v,w) are the velocity components in the (x, y, z) directions, r0 is the mean radius of the Earth, θ0 is the reference latitude, f0 = 2Ωsin θ0 is the Coriolis parameter at the reference latitude, caption Image:Img81.png is the beta parameter at the reference latitude, ρ* is a constant reference density, δp and δρ are motionally induced deviations from prescribed background fields, and N is the buoyancy frequency.

This article is written at a definitional level only. Authors wishing to expand this entry are inivited to expand the present treatment, which additions will be peer reviewed prior to publication of any expansion.

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