Biophysical Interdisciplinary Tropic Studies buoy (BITS)

December 15, 2011, 4:05 pm

The Biophysical Interdisciplinary Tropic Studies (BITS) buoy is an instrumented and unmanned mooring experiment set designed to acoustically measure the size and abundance of marine life populations, collect the supporting data that characterizes the marine environment, and automatically transmit the data to shore stations for analysis.

This article is written at a definitional level only. Authors wishing to expand this entry are inivited to expand the present treatment, which additions will be peer reviewed prior to publication of any expansion.

The BITS system was developed by the Tracor corporation and the University of Southern California. It employs a bi–frequency acoustic projector which operates at 165 kHz and 1.1 MHz, with backscattered acoustic signals received by the sensors transmitted via Very High Frequency (VHF) packet telemetry to shore stations.

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