Ecosystems and Human Well-being Synthesis: Appendix E. Assessment Report Tables of Contents

This is part of the Millenium Ecosystem Assessment report Ecosystems and Human Well-Being Synthesis

Note that text references to CF, CWG, SWG, RWG, or SGWG refer to the entire working group report. ES refers to the Main Messages in a chapter.

Ecosystems and Human Well-being: A Framework for Assessment

CF.1 Introduction and Conceptual Framework
CF.2 Ecosystems and Their Services
CF.3 Ecosystems and Human Well-being
CF.4 Drivers of Change in Ecosystems and Their Services
CF.5 Dealing with Scale
CF.6 Concepts of Ecosystem Value and Valuation Approaches
CF.7 Analytical Approaches
CF.8 Strategic Interventions, Response Options, and Decision-making

Current State and Trends: Findings of the Condition and Trends Working Group

SDM Summary
C.01 MA Conceptual Framework
C.02 Analytical Approaches for Assessing Ecosystem Conditions and Human Well-being
C.03 Drivers of Change (note: this is a synopsis of Scenarios Chapter 7)
C.04 Biodiversity
C.05 Ecosystem Conditions and Human Well-being
C.06 Vulnerable Peoples and Places
C.07 Fresh Water
C.08 Food
C.09 Timber, Fuel, and Fiber
C.10 New Products and Industries from Biodiversity
C.11 Biological Regulation of Ecosystem Services
C.12 Nutrient Cycling
C.13 Climate and Air Quality
C.14 Human Health: Ecosystem Regulation of Infectious Diseases
C.15 Waste Processing and Detoxification
C.16 Regulation of Natural Hazards: Floods and Fires
C.17 Cultural and Amenity Services
C.18 Marine Fisheries Systems
C.19 Coastal Systems
C.20 Inland Water Systems
C.21 Forest and Woodland Systems
C.22 Dryland Systems
C.23 Island Systems
C.24 Mountain Systems
C.25 Polar Systems
C.26 Cultivated Systems
C.27 Urban Systems
C.28 Synthesis

Scenarios: Findings of the Scenarios Working Group

SDM Summary
S.01 MA Conceptual Framework
S.02 Global Scenarios in Historical Perspective
S.03 Ecology in Global Scenarios
S.04 State of Art in Simulating Future Changes in Ecosystem Services
S.05 Scenarios for Ecosystem Services: Rationale and Overview
S.06 Methodology for Developing the MA Scenarios
S.07 Drivers of Change in Ecosystem Condition and Services
S.08 Four Scenarios
S.09 Changes in Ecosystem Services and Their Drivers across the Scenarios
S.10 Biodiversity across Scenarios
S.11 Human Well-being across Scenarios
S.12 Interactions among Ecosystem Services
S.13 Lessons Learned for Scenario Analysis
S.14 Policy Synthesis for Key Stakeholders

Policy Responses: Findings of the Responses Working Group

SDM Summary
R.01 MA Conceptual Framework
R.02 Typology of Responses
R.03 Assessing Responses
R.04 Recognizing Uncertainties in Evaluating Responses
R.05 Biodiversity
R.06 Food and Ecosystems
R.07 Freshwater Ecosystem Services
R.08 Wood, Fuelwood, and Non-wood Forest Products
R.09 Nutrient Management
R.10 Waste Management, Processing, and Detoxification
R.11 Flood and Storm Control
R.12 Ecosystems and Vector-borne Disease Control
R.13 Climate Change
R.14 Cultural Services
R.15 Integrated Responses
R.16 Consequences and Options for Human Health
R.17 Consequences of Responses on Human Well-being and Poverty Reduction
R.18 Choosing Responses
R.19 Implications for Achieving the Millennium Development Goals

Multiscale Assessments: Findings of the Sub-global Assessments Working Group

SDM Summary
SG.01 MA Conceptual Framework
SG.02 Overview of the MA Sub-global Assessments
SG.03 Linking Ecosystem Services and Human Well-being
SG.04 The Multiscale Approach
SG.05 Using Multiple Knowledge Systems: Benefits and Challenges
SG.06 Assessment Process
SG.07 Drivers of Ecosystem Change
SG.08 Condition and Trends of Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity
SG.09 Responses to Ecosystem Change and their Impacts on Human Well-being
SG.10 Sub-global Scenarios
SG.11 Communities, Ecosystems, and Livelihoods
SG.12 Reflections and Lessons Learned

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