Howard T. Odum Collection

About this Collection

Howard T. Odum was one of the twentieth century's most influential scientists who made pioneering contributions to systems theory, ecosystem ecology, ecological engineering, environmental science, and ecological economics. Odum would write 15 books, nearly 300 articles and would chair nearly 100 doctoral dissertations, 75 of which were at the University of Florida where he was a professor from 1970 until his death in 2002. His students would go on to make enormous contributions to teaching, research, public policy, and public outreach. His work would help transform our understanding of natural systems and the human role in environmental change. This collection brings together a wide range of resources on Odum's life, focusing primarily on his scholarly work. -- Cutler J. Cleveland

I. Biography of Howard T. Odum
II. Scholarly Work of Howard T. Odum
III. Timeline
IV. Quotes
V. Energy Circuit Language
VI. Glossary
VII. Obituaries
VIII. Tributes to Howard T. Odum
VIII. Image Gallery
IX. Further Reading

VIII. Acknowledgments

This work was made possible by a large number of individuals, including Betty Odum, Mark T. Brown, Charles A.S. Hall, Sholto Maud, Ida Kubiszewski, and Cutler J. Cleveland.



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