Image collections

Image collections are available from a wide variety  of internet sources. The following summarizes web locations of some of the most useful sources for images, including both public domain and proprietary venues:


NBII ---- biological categories, regional images, some special images

  • A public domain website from the National Biological Information Infrastruction. It mainly provides biological categories of images which cover animals, water bodies, environmental issues, habitats/landscapes, management and plants. In addition to biological categories, it also has regional maps and some special topic collections, such as the Great Basin Information Project.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Digital Image Library

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services ---- Images Search System

  • This is a public domain website from U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services Office. It is composed of the Alaska Image Library, California Nevada Image Library, Historic Image Library, Midwest Image Library, Mountain Prairie Library, NCTC Image Library, Northeast Image Library, Pacific Image Library, Southeast Image Library, Southeast Image Library, Washington DC Library. You just need type the topic image which you need, then the system will show the search results. Photos cover birds, animals, plants, places and people in different areas.

NRCS Image search System

NRCS ---- Image search system

  • It's a public domain website from the Natural Resources Conservation Service. It covers all of the states in the U.S.A. and provides more than twenty different topics of images, including some of different types of animals, architecture, conservation areas, artwork, buffers, dams, conservation districts, conservation systemss, conservation education, crops and so on.


USDA Plant Database

  • This site provides public domain photos and line drawings of U.S. plants, but also contains many cultivated or foreign taxa. The site allows you to browse by growth habitat, duration, location, state, artist, or image type.

Flowering Plants

University of Hawaii -- Flowering Plant Families

  • This is a site from the University of Hawaii's Botany Department. It lists and describes images of many flowering plant families, including dicot and monocot families.

Trees -- Tree Images

  • This site provides images of trees from The images include trees in different seasons. But, most pictures are of trees in the winter.


Image collections available for searching across the internet consist of a variety of public domain and proprietary sources. The following sets forth a variety of these sources organized by topic area:

Electric Power

OSHA---Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Systems

  • This website is in the public domain and is provided by the U.S.Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Administration. It provides many pictures and graphs about power generation plants, power substations, transmission lines and distribution systems in the field of electric power.

General Energy Images

DOE ---- Image search system about Energy topics

  • This is a public domain website from the Department of Energy. The type of image is JPEG. It includes basic science, bio-life science, biomass, coal, conversion, defense, education, fusion, wind, gas, solar, transportation, nuclear energy, space and other categories. The data is from 1941 to today.

International Nuclear Safety Program

INSP ---- Some nations' nuclear safety programs

  • It is a public domain website. It covers the nuclear safety programs in Armenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Ukraine, Czech Republic etc. The images are about the various objects and people related to the International Nuclear Safety Program.

Nuclear Fusion Research

EFDA-JET--- Nuclear Fusion Facilities Images

  • This public website is named EFDA-JET. It includes images about the nuclear fusion facilities and progress of fusion in JET(Joint European Torus) and related buildings from this organization.

Nuclear Power Plants -- Nuclear power plants Pictures

  • This site provides images of nuclear power plants from It includes nuclear power plants in Goesgen, Beznau, Leibstadt? Switzerland.

Nuclear Tests

TATS--- Nuclear Test Images

  • This website, named the Trinity Atomic Web Site, provides images about the situations of nuclear tests and non-weapon tests in different times and locations of U.S.A., such as Able, Annie 1...

Solar Energy

AZSC--- Solar Energy Information Pictures in Arizona

  • This site provides public domain photos about solar energy equipment from the Arizona Solar Energy Information website. It contains photos about some kinds of solar energy systems and some wind systems in Arizona.

Woolnorth Wind Farm

WWEA---Woolnorth Wind Farm Pictures

  • This site provides Woolnorth Wind Farm pictures from World Wind Energy Association. The location of the pictures is Tasmania, Australia.

Environmental Anthropology

Highway Safety Programs

NHTSA--- Highway Safety photos

  • This is public domain site from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It provides many kinds of photos that demonstrate highway safety. It includes images related to bicycle safety, motorcycle safety, child passenger safety, pedestrian safety, pupil transportation safety, older adults safety, adult occupant protection, emergency medical services, impaired driving and law enforcement.


eHistory---Civil War and World War Images

  • This website provides many maps and images about the U.S. Civil War, World War II, and Vietnam. It includes Civil War maps, World War II naval photos, Miler's photographic history, periodicals from the U.S. Civil War, Antietam, and maps of the Vietnam War.

Environmental Engineering

Decontamination & Decommissioning

D&D---- Nuclear Engineering Decontamination Pictures

  • This is a public domain website. It provides pictures about decontamination technology and decontamination projects in ATSR, EBWR, EBR-II and so on.

Hoover Dam

LC region--- Hoover Dam Pictures

  • This is a public domain site from the Bureau of Reclamation's Lower Colorado Region. It provides many color and black-and-white pictures of the dam, facilities, location etc.

Hubbard Brook

HBEF--- View of Hubbard Brook

  • This is a public domain site named Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest. It provides photos and images about the Hubbard Brook, such as images concerning the soil, watershed, streams, ice storms, history, residents and so on.

Pipeline Systems

TAPS--- pictures about the major elements of TAPS and pump stations

  • This site provides pipeline system pictures from the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) website. It includes photos of the topography associated with TAPS, pipeline, TAPS bridges, vertical support members, TAPS gate valve, pump stations, and elevated pipeline, as well as other related diagrams.


NOAA ---- ships and arts, history

  • It's a public domain website from the National Ocean Service Office. The topics include ships in art and historical oceanographic ships in different periods, such as war vessels and nineteenth century coast and geodetic survey ships.

Transmission Towers -- Transmission Towers

  • This site provides images of transmission towers from It contains pictures of transmission towers from different views.

Fisheries and Fishermen

Fishermen -- Fishermen Pictures

  • This site provides photos of fishermen from The images are about the living and working environments of fishermen, fishing facilities, and captured fish.

Marine Fisheries Historic Images

NOAA---- Pictures about Fisheries and Fishes

  • It's a public domain website from the National Ocean Service Office. These are historic images including pictures of marine mammals, fish, shellfish and miscellaneous sea creatures. It also has images about the history and methods of fisheries.


Geologic Hazards

NGDC ---- Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis, Landslides images

  • It is a public domain website from the National Geophysical Data Center. It includes images about earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, landslides, seismic creep and erosional landforms.

Minerals and Mining

Mining and Mineral Industries in the USA

MINES---Mining History in US

  • This is a public domain site about the project of "Mining and mineral Industries in the US: Photographic Perspectives." Pictures in this website concern mining and related activities, with an emphasis on Colorado and the western US. Image data is from the late 1800's to the present and includes mining operations, processing, transportation, miners, mining towns and families, landscapes and scenes about the history.

Surface Mining

OSM--- Coal Mining, Active Mine Reclamation, Environmental Protection Practices Photos

  • This website is in the public domain and is provided by the Office of Surface Mining. It provides images about the surface mining topic. It includes photos about coal mining, active mine reclamation, environmental protection practices (e.g., sedimentation ponds, rock drains, and water monitoring devices), and abandoned mine land reclamation.


Coral Reefs

NOAA Coral Reefs

  • This site provides public domain photos of coral reefs. It includes images associated with the wildlife, research, and historical studies of the reefs.

Marine Sanctuaries

NMS ---- Photos and maps about marine sanctuaries

  • This is a public domain website from the National Marine Sanctuaries. It displays the diversity of life and habitats in the sea world. It includes the Channel islands, Cordell Bank, Fagatele Bay, Flower Garden Banks, Gray's Reef, Gulf of the Farallones, Hawaiian Islands, Humpback Whale, Monterey Bay and so on.

Undersea World

NOAA ---- National Undersea Research Program album

  • This is a public domain website provided by NOAA. The main topics are sea life, seascapes, undersea technologies and undersea explorers. The images refer to vertebrates and invertebrates. Some Graphics are about the marine system.

UN Atlas of the Oceans image search system

USES---- Image search system

  • This is a public domain website from the UN Atlas of the Oceans. The data is about the oceans from the year 1950. The types of images included are JPEG,GIF and NPG.

Parks and Public Lands

Benthic Habitat Mapping

NOAA Coastal Service Center---Benthic Habitat Photos

  • This site provides public domain photos of benthic habitats. It includes aerial photographs of Maine, sediment photographs, seascape views, seagrass views, life in seagrass, algae photos and so on.

Glacier National Park

NPS---Glacier National Park Pictures

  • This site provides Glacier National Park pictures from the National Park Service of the U.S. Department of the Interior. It contains pictures about the seasonal landscape and about the lakes and mountains in Glacier National Park.

Ramsar Sites

RSIS----Ramsar Sites image in Asia & Europe

  • This website provides photos about the Ramsar sites in Asia and Europe. It includes the Bangladesh, Maduganga, Albania and Moldova region.

Sequoia National Park -- Sequoia Pictures

  • This site provides photos of Sequoia and Sequoia National Park from The images are about all of the kinds of Sequoia and the views of Sequoia National Park.

U.S. States Images & Famous Site Images

PD photo ---- Image database search system

  • This is a public domain website named "free public domain photo database." It includes some states' scenes photos and some famous travelling scenes images, such as Yellowstone, Death Valley and so on.


Air, Land and Water Pollution

EPC--- Pollution images

  • This website is in the public domain and provides images about air, land, and water pollution. It includes traffic pollution, sulphur land pollution, and oil spill photos.

Coastal Restoraton & Spill Incidents

OR&R ---- Oil Spills, Chemical Accidents, and other Hazardous Materials topics

  • This is a public domain website from the National Ocean Service Office. It consists of three main parts: coastal restoration images which display the coastal scenes in Pedricktown, NJ and Philadelphia, PA, high resolution regional coastal restoration images, and oil incident images which record the Tanker ALVENUS incident in Cameron, Louisiana in July of 1984.

Exhaust Emission Test -- Exhaust Emission Test Pictures

  • This site provides photos of exhaust emission tests from The images record the process of exhaust emission testing and the associated facilities.

Debris Field about the Shipwreck

NOAA OR&R ---- Debris fields, Oil Spills, Islands Images

  • It's a public domain website from the National Ocean Service Office. The main pictures depict the debris waste sites. There are also some images that describe the after-effects-- including damages to animals--as well as some pictures of the St. George Island and St. Paul Island in Alaska, sediment types and so on.

Major Oil Spills

NOAA OR&R ---- some of the world's largest oil spills

  • This is a public domain website from the National Ocean Service Office. Images are about some of the world's largest oil spills and includes incident vessels such as the Amoco Cadiz, Argo Merchant, Bouchard B155, Burmah Agate, Cibro Savannah, Exxon Valdez, Ixtoc I, and Jupiter Mega Borg.

Marine Life Recovery Series

NOAA NSA ---- Mearns Rock Series

  • The website is in the public domain from the National Ocean Service Office under the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It displays images of Mearns Rock in the past 15 years. There was a large oil spill incident, so these time series images show how the marine life recovers from a major, one-time stress.

Oil Spills

EVOSTC---Oil Spill topic photos

  • This website is provided by the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council. It provides photos of about three main topics: the first is recreation in Prince William Sound, the second is the 1989 oil spill in Prince William Sound, and the third is the research in Prince William Sound.

Tanker Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Incident

NOAA OR&R ---- Oil Spill in Prince William Sound

  • It's a public domain website from the National Ocean Service Office. The images in the website display the degree of destruction that this incident caused in Prince William Sound, as well as how to save the vessels and decrease the negative effects on marine creatures.

Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing Images and Related Analytical Photos

NSIDC---Images and Photos Gallery focusing on Geography

  • This site provides all kinds of remote sensing pictures and related analytical pictures from the National Snow and Ice Data Center. It includes images of snow, avalanches, blizzards, and glaciers, as well as spacecraft,ice shelf and iceberg, sea ice index, sea ice concentration and NASA earth observatory images.


Flood -- Flood Images

  • This site provides photos of floods from It includes images of houses damaged by floods, land and roads submerged by floods, and the situation after a floods’ damage.

Fog -- Fog Images

  • This site provides photos of fog from It provides images of fog when it appears in the city, forest and road, as well as some photos about fog in the winter.

Water Source Analysis Images

UNEP--- Water Source Analysis Pictures

  • This site provides water source analysis pictures from the United Nations Environment Program. It contains analytical figures about freshwater use and management, coastal and marine waters.




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