Montezuma Hills (Bailey)

Source: USFS
This is a subsection of rolling hills mostly bordered by alluvial plains of the Great Valley and by the Suisun Bay to the south.  The climate is hot and subhumid.  MLRA 15e.

caption Subsection 262Ak, Montezuma Hills area north of Bird's Landing (Scott Miles)

Lithology and Stratigraphy

This subsection contains Quaternary nonmarine sediments.


This subsection is on gently sloping to moderately steep hills.  The subsection elevation range is from less than 10 to 268 feet.  Fluvial erosion is the main geomorphic process.


The soils are mostly Entic and Typic Chromoxererts and Calcixerollic Xerochrepts.  They are well drained.  Soil temperature regimes are thermic and soil moisture regimes are xeric.


The predominant natural plant communities are Needlegrass grasslands.

Characteristic series by lifeform include:

    Grasslands: California annual grassland series, Purple needlegrass series.


The mean annual precipitation is about 16 to 20 inches.  It is practically all rain.  Mean annual temperature is about 58° to 62°  F.  The mean freeze-free period is about 250 to 275 days.

Surface Water

There are no large streams in this subsection.  The drainage pattern is radial.  Most of the streams are dry during the summer.  There are no lakes.



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