Protected areas of Belize

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Protected area highlights for Belize (January 31, 2008):


# of



Total Area of nationally recognized protected areas (% of Belize's Territorial Area)




- Terrestrial (% of Belize's Terrestrial Territorial Area)




- Marine and Littoral Protected Areas




Note that some protected areas include both terrestrial area and marine area




Nationally recognized protected areas greater than 1,000 km2




Nationally recognized protected areas greater than 10,000 km2




Wetlands of International importance (Ramsar Sites)




UNESCO-MAB Biosphere Reserves





There are 2 wetlands in Belize recognized as important under the the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar Convention):

  • Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary (6,637 hectares)
  • Sarstoon-Temash National Park (16,955 hectares - all marine)

Anpther internationally recognized area of significance is  the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System which is a World Heritage Site

The latest World Database on Protected Areas reports 108 nationally recognized protected areas in Belize (one more than in the summary above):

Site NameIUCN
Marine or
1000 ft Falls Natural MonumentIIITerrestrial522 
Actun Tunichil Muknal Bird SanctuaryIaTerrestrial185 
Agua Caliente Luha Wildlife SanctuaryIVTerrestrial2,223 
Aguacate Lagoon Private ReserveIVTerrestrial115 
Aguas Turbias National ParkIITerrestrial3,545 
Altun Ha Archaelogical ReserveIIBoth18 
Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve-Both6,5466,546
Bacalar Chico National Park-Both5,1152,255
Balam Na Private ReserveIVTerrestrial167 
Barton Creek Archaelogical ReserveIITerrestrial0.2 
BFREE Private ReserveIVTerrestrial500 
Billy Barquedier National ParkIIBoth607 
Bird Caye Bird SanctuaryIVTerrestrial1
Bladen Nature ReserveIaTerrestrial40,339 
Blue Hole National ParkIITerrestrial269 
Blue Hole Natural MonumentIIIMarine414414
Boden Creek Ecological Reserve Private ReserveIVTerrestrial3,240 
Burdon Creek Nature ReserveIaTerrestrial2,416 
Cahal Pech Archaelogical ReserveIITerrestrial9 
Caracol Archaelogical ReserveIVTerrestrial10,117 
Caves Branch Archaelogical ReserveIITerrestrial23,471 
Caye Bokel South Point Turneffe-Marine558558
Caye Caulker Marine ReserveVIMarine3,9133,913
Caye Caulker Forest ReserveVITerrestrial61 
Caye Glory Emily Marine Reserve - Spawning AggregationIVMarine547547
Cerro Maya Archaelogical ReserveIIBoth17 
Chiquibul Forest ReserveVITerrestrial59,817 
Chiquibul National ParkIITerrestrial107,348 
Cockroach Bay Crocodile ReserveIaTerrestrial8 
Cockscomb Basin Wildlife SanctuaryIVTerrestrial35,180 
Columbia River Forest ReserveVITerrestrial41,659 
Commerce Bight Forest ReserveVITerrestrial1,200 
Community Baboon Sanctuary Private ReserveIVTerrestrial12,980 
Corozal Bay Wildlife Sanctuary-Both73,04973,049
Crooked Tree Wildlife SanctuaryIVTerrestrial16 713 
Deep River Forest ReserveVITerrestrial31,798 
Dog Flea Marine Reserve - Spawning AggregationIVMarine576576
Doubloon Bank Bird SanctuaryIVTerrestrial2
El Pilar Archaelogical ReserveIITerrestrial808 
Fireburn Private ReserveIVTerrestrial648 
Fives Blues Lakes National ParkIITerrestrial1,643 
Freshwater Creek Forest ReserveVITerrestrial13,519 
Gales Point Wildlife SanctuaryIVTerrestrial3,681 
Gallon Jug Estate Private ReserveIVTerrestrial129,013 
Gladden Spit Fisheries No Take ZoneIVTerrestrial1,122 
Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve-Both10,36010,513
Glovers Reef Marine Reserve-Both32,87635,068
Golden Stream Reserve Private ReserveIVBoth11,019 
Gra Gra Lagoon National ParkIITerrestrial484 
Grants Work Forest ReserveVITerrestrial3,439 
Guanacaste National ParkIITerrestrial23 
Half Moon Caye Natural Monument-Both3,9543,756
Hidden Valley Private ReserveIVTerrestrial2,925 
Hol Chan Marine Reserve-Both1,5431,389
Honey camp National ParkIIBoth3,145 
Jaguar Creek Private ReserveIVTerrestrial297 
John Spang Private ReserveIVTerrestrial613 
Lamanai Archaelogical ReserveIIBoth388 
Laughing Bird Caye National Park-Marine4,0954,095
Little Guana Caye Bird SanctuaryIVTerrestrial2 
Los Salones Bird SanctuaryIVTerrestrial1 
Los Salones Bird SanctuaryIVTerrestrial1 
Lubaantun Archaelogical ReserveIITerrestrial16 
Machaca Forest ReserveVITerrestrial1,520 
Man of War Caye Bird SanctuaryIVTerrestrial0.8 
Manatee Forest ReserveVITerrestrial36,583 
Mango Creek Forest ReserveVITerrestrial28,772 
Maya Mountains Forest ReserveVITerrestrial51,846 
Mayflower Bocawina National ParkIIBoth2,876 
Monkey Bay National ParkIITerrestrial2,876 
Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary Private ReserveIVTerrestrial596 
Monkey Caye Forest ReserveVITerrestrial591 
Monkey Caye Bird SanctuaryIVTerrestrial0.5 
Mountain Pine Ridge Forest ReserveVITerrestrial51,477 
Nicholas Caye Fisheries No Take ZoneIVTerrestrial672 
Nimli Punit Archaelogical ReserveIIBoth49 
Nojkaaxmeen Eligio Panti National ParkIIBoth5,235 
North Glover's Reef Fisheries No Take ZoneIVTerrestrial622 
Paynes Creek National ParkIITerrestrial12,819 
Pine Hill Private ReserveIVTerrestrial3,198 
Port Honduras Marine Reserve-Both40,62240,469
Río Blanco National ParkIITerrestrial40 
Río Bravo Conservation and Management Area Private ReserveIVTerrestrial99,483 
Rise and Fall Bank Fisheries No Take ZoneIVTerrestrial1,721 
Rocky Point Fisheries No Take ZoneIVTerrestrial566 
Runaway Creek Private ReserveIVTerrestrial2,883 
San Pedro Company Private ReserveIVTerrestrial2,810 
Sandbore Marine Reserve - Spawning AggregationIVMarine521521
Santa Rita Archaelogical ReserveIIBoth2 
Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve-Both17,21517,215
Sarstoon-Temash National ParkIITerrestrial16,956 
Seal Caye Fisheries No Take ZoneIVTerrestrial648 
Shipstern Private ReserveIVTerrestrial8,228 
Sibun Forest ReserveVITerrestrial42,966 
Silk Grass Forest Reserve-Terrestrial2,641 
Sittee River Forest ReserveVITerrestrial37,938 
South Point Lighthouse Marine Reserve - Spawning AggregationIVMarine533533
South Water Caye Marine Reserve-Both47,70347,702
Spanish Creek Wildlife SanctuaryIVTerrestrial2,422 
St George's Caye Mangrove ReserveIVTerrestrial5 
Swallow Caye Wildlife SanctuaryIVBoth3,6313,231
Swasey-Bladen Forest ReserveVITerrestrial5,981 
Tapir Mountain Nature ReserveIaTerrestrial2,729 
TIDE Crown Block Reserves Private ReserveIVTerrestrial7,886 
TIDE Debt-for-Nature Swap Reserve Private ReserveIVTerrestrial1,970 
Vaca Forest ReserveVITerrestrial21,187 
Victoria Peak Natural MonumentIIITerrestrial1,962 
Xunantunich Archaelogical ReserveIITerrestrial21 

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Further Reading:

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