Protected areas of El Salvador

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Protected area highlights for El Salvador (January 31, 2008):


# of



Total Area of nationally recognized protected areas (% of Costa Rica's Territorial Area)




- Terrestrial (% of Costa Rica's Terrestrial Territorial Area)




- Marine and Littoral Protected Area




Note that some protected areas include both terrestrial area and marine area




Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar Sites)




There are three wetlands in El Salvador recognized as important under the the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar Convention):

Site NameMarine or
Area Natural Protegida Laguna del JocotalTerrestrial1,571 
Complejo Bahía de JiquiliscoBoth63,50063,500
Embalse Cerrón GrandeTerrestrial13,500 

 The latest World Database on Protected Areas reports 94 nationally recognized protected areas in El Salvador (17 more than in the summary above):

Site Name (IUCN Designation])Marine or
Andes, Paraiso, Cipres, San Jose Miramar, San Isidro, Ojo De Protective ZoneTerrestrial350
Barra de Santiago Area de Uso MúltipleBoth2,234
Bolivar Protective ZoneTerrestrial22
Buena Esperanza Protective ZoneTerrestrial70
Buenos Aires Y El Carmen Protective ZoneTerrestrial24
Casamta Y La Pezota Protective ZoneTerrestrial196
Chaguantique Protective ZoneTerrestrial49
Chanmico Protective ZoneTerrestrial456
Chilanguera Protective ZoneTerrestrial371
Chiquileca Protective ZoneTerrestrial148
Colima Biological ReserveTerrestrial2
Comaesland, El Socorro, Izcacuyo Protective ZoneTerrestrial102
Complejo Cacahuatique Area de Protección y Recuperación NaturalTerrestrial876
Complejo Los VolcanesBoth1,128
Coquiama Protective ZoneTerrestrial150
El Amatal Protective ZoneTerrestrial200
El BalsamarTerrestrial49
El Cortijo O Aguachapio Protective ZoneTerrestrial22
El Espino Protective ZoneTerrestrial570
El Faro/Maquigue/Suravaya/Maquigue I Protective ZoneTerrestrial480
El Imposible (II)Terrestrial3,820
El Obrajuelo Protective ZoneTerrestrial259
El Once Y La Paz Protective ZoneTerrestrial19
El Pichiche O Azacualpa Protective ZoneTerrestrial56
El Pital Area de Protección y Recuperación NaturalTerrestrial400
El SitioTerrestrial68
El Socorro II Protective ZoneTerrestrial447
El Sunza Protective ZoneTerrestrial150
El Tamarindo Protective ZoneTerrestrial15
El Tecomatal Protective ZoneTerrestrial174
El Tercio Protective ZoneTerrestrial33
Escuintla Biological ReserveTerrestrial933
Espiritu Santo Protective ZoneTerrestrial67
Estuario del Río LempaBoth1,1000
Isla martin Perez Protective ZoneTerrestrial10
Isla Pirigallo Protective ZoneTerrestrial2
Isla San Sebastion Area de Uso MúltipleTerrestrial229
Isla Tasajera Protective ZoneTerrestrial734
Isla/Argentina/Colunbia/14 Y 15 De marzo/ Abriles/Jabali/Gran Protective ZoneTerrestrial823
La Cabana Protective ZoneTerrestrial2,900
La Calzada Protective ZoneTerrestrial27
La Esperanza O Ceiba Doblada Protective ZoneTerrestrial8
La Estancia Protective ZoneTerrestrial533
La Joya Natural MonumentTerrestrial1,022
La Labor Protective ZoneTerrestrial11
La Magdalena Protective ZoneTerrestrial726
La Palma Protective ZoneTerrestrial1
La Presa Protective ZoneTerrestrial688
La Redencion Protective ZoneTerrestrial40
Laguna de Alegria Natural MonumentTerrestrial150
Laguna de Las Ninfas Wildlife ReserveTerrestrial300
Laguna Del Jocotal Protective ZoneTerrestrial1,877
Laguna VerdeTerrestrial300
Las LajasTerrestrial516
Las Mercedes,Santa MariaTerrestrial122
Las TablasTerrestrial28
Las Termopilas Area de Uso MúltipleTerrestrial200
Las Trincheras/Las Victorias/Los Lagartos Protective ZoneTerrestrial389
Los Tablones Protective ZoneTerrestrial2
Monte Hermoso Protective ZoneTerrestrial97
Montecristo National ParkTerrestrial2,000
Morrales de Pasaquina Area de Protección y Recuperación NaturalTerrestrial200
Nancuchiname La Maroma, Mata De Pina, Porcion 5 Y 6Terrestrial1,030
Normandia Biological ReserveTerrestrial377
Pananalapa Protective ZoneTerrestrial90
Parque Walter T. Deininger Area de Uso MúltipleTerrestrial732
Parras Lempa Biological ReserveTerrestrial21
Plan De Amayo Protective ZoneTerrestrial172
Puerto caballo I Protective ZoneTerrestrial5
Puerto Caballo II Protective ZoneTerrestrial77
Rancho Grande O El Junquillo Protective ZoneTerrestrial211
San AndresTerrestrial84
San Arturo Protective ZoneTerrestrial50
San CarlosTerrestrial124
San Carlos O Concepcion Protective ZoneTerrestrial98
San Cayetano O El Chaparron Protective ZoneTerrestrial127
San Diego y La Barra National ParkTerrestrial1,843
San FelipeTerrestrial400
San Francisco Dos Cerros Protective ZoneTerrestrial269
San Jeronimo Protective ZoneTerrestrial52
San Juan Buena Vista Protective ZoneTerrestrial193
San LorenzoTerrestrial90
San Rafael Los NaranjosTerrestrial49
Santa Agueda o El Zope Protective ZoneTerrestrial35
Santa BarbaraTerrestrial177
Santa Clara Area de Protección y Recuperación NaturalBoth602
Santa Rita/Cara Sucia/El Chino/La BarraTerrestrial296
Sirama Loudes Protective ZoneTerrestrial99
Tahuapa Protective ZoneTerrestrial24
Talcualhuya Protective ZoneTerrestrial980
Taquillo Protective ZoneTerrestrial141
Tierra Blanca Protective ZoneTerrestrial420
Volcan De San Miguel Protective ZoneTerrestrial1,200
Volcan De San Vicente Protective ZoneTerrestrial150


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