Protected areas of Saint Lucia

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Protected area highlights for Saint Lucia (January 31, 2008):


# of



Total Area of nationally recognized protected areas (% of Saint Lucia's Territorial Area)




- Terrestrial (% of Saint Lucia's Terrestrial Territorial Area)




- Marine and Littoral Protected Area




Note that some protected areas include both terrestrial area and marine area




Wetlands of International importance (Ramsar Sites)




Mankoté Mangrove and Savannes Bay are recognized as important under the the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar Convention):

Pitons Management Area is a World Heritage Site

The World Database on Protected Areas reports 80 nationally recognized protected areas in Saint Lucia (29 more that in the summary above):

Site NameIUCN
Marine or
Addition to Central FoR "B" (Forest Reserve)VITerrestrial121
Anse Chastanet Reefs (Marine Reserve)IVMarine 
Anse Cochon artificial reef (Marine Reserve)IVMarine 
Anse Galet-Anse Cochon reefs (Marine Reserve)IVMarine 
Anse Ger (Protected Landscape)-Both 
Anse La Chaloupe (Nature Reserve)-Terrestrial 
Anse L'Ivrogne Reef (Marine Reserve)IVMarine 
Anse Mamin Reef (Marine Reserve)IVMarine 
Anse Pointe Sable-Man Kote Mangroves (Marine Reserve)IIMarine 
Barre-de-L'Isle North (Forest Reserve)VITerrestrial231
Barre-de-L'Isle South (Forest Reserve)VITerrestrial818
Barrel O' Beef Rock (Nature Reserve)-Both1
Bigorneau Rocks (Nature Reserve)-Both 
Bois d'Orange (Wetland)-Terrestrial 
Bois D'Orange Mangroves (Marine Reserve)-Both80
Caesar Point to Mathurin Point reefs (Marine Reserve)-Marine 
Canaries (National Park)IITerrestrial 
Canaries/Anse la Raye Marine Management Area (Marine Management Area)VIMarine 
Cas-en-Bas Mangroves (Marine Reserve)-Marine 
Castries Waterworks (Forest Reserve)VITerrestrial1,392
Central "A" (Forest Reserve)VITerrestrial1,631
Central "B" (Forest Reserve)VITerrestrial1,474
Choc (Historic Site)-Terrestrial0.2
Choc Bay Artificial Reef (Marine Reserve)-Marine 
Choc Bay Mangroves (Marine Reserve)-Both80
Dennery Island (Nature Reserve)-Terrestrial 
Dennery Ridge (Forest Reserve)VITerrestrial71
Dennery Waterworks (Forest Reserve)VITerrestrial145
Des Bateaux Rocks (Nature Reserve)-Both 
Esperance (Protected Landscape)-Terrestrial 
Esperance Harbour Mangroves (Marine Reserve)-Marine 
Fond d'Or (Historic Site)-Terrestrial 
Fond D'Or Beach (Marine Reserve)-Marine 
Fond Estate acquisition (Forest Reserve)VITerrestrial315
Forestiere (Forest Reserve)VITerrestrial12
Four Islands (Nature Reserve)-Both 
Fregate Islands (Nature Reserve)IVTerrestrial6
Grand Anse (National Park)-Terrestrial 
Grand Anse Beach and Mangrove (Marine Reserve)-Both80
La Tourney Wetland (Forest Reserve)-Both 
Lapins Island (Reserve)-Terrestrial 
L'Islet Island (Nature Reserve)-Both 
Liverpool Rocks (Reserve)-Both 
Louvet Mangroves (Marine Reserve)-Both80
Mamelles Island (Reserve)-Terrestrial1
Maria Islands (Nature Reserve)IVTerrestrial12
Maria Islet Reef (Marine Reserve)IVMarine 
Marigot (Reserve)IbTerrestrial13
Marigot Bay Mangroves (Marine Reserve)-Marine 
Marquis Estate Parcel M-1 (Forest Reserve)-Both134
Marquis Estate Parcel M-2 (Forest Reserve)VITerrestrial35
Marquis Estate Parcel M-3-6 (Forest Reserve)VITerrestrial15
Marquis Estate Parcel M-4-6 (Forest Reserve)VITerrestrial11
Marquis Mangroves (Marine Reserve)-Marine 
Morne Fortune Historic Area (Historic Site)-Terrestrial2.9
Moule-a-Chique artificial reef (Marine Reserve)-Marine 
Mt. Gimie-Terrestrial 
Parrot Sanctuary (Central FoR) (Sanctuary)IVTerrestrial1,494
Pigeon Island National Landmark (Historic Site)IIITerrestrial20
Pitons Management Area-Both2,000
Point Sable (National Park)-Both 
Povert Island (Nature Reserve)-Both 
Praslin Mangroves (Marine Reserve)-Marine 
Praslin Protected Landscape (Protected Landscape)-Both 
Qualibou (National Park)-Terrestrial 
Quilesse (Forest Reserve)VITerrestrial1,400
Reef at Anse de Pitons (Marine Reserve)IVMarine 
Reef at Malgrétoute (Marine Reserve)IVMarine 
Reef Between Grand Caille and Rachette Point (Marine Reserve)IVMarine 
River Doree-Terrestrial 
Roche Island (Nature Reserve)-Both1
Rodney Bay Artificial Reefs (Marine Reserve)-Marine 
Roseau Dam (Forest Reserve)VITerrestrial121
Roseau Wetlands (Nature Reserve)-Terrestrial 
Saltibus Grand Magazin (Forest Reserve)VITerrestrial107
Savannes Bay Mangrove Area (Marine Reserve)-Both500
Soufriere (SMMA) (Marine Management Area)VIMarine 
Tapion (Historic Site)-Both 
Vigie (Historic Site)-Terrestrial 
Vigie Beach Artificial Reef (Marine Reserve)-Marine 

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Further Reading:

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