Used Oil Recycling Act of 1980, United States

November 13, 2011, 7:23 am
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The federal Used Oil Recycling Act of 1980 (P.L. 96-463), intended to encourage the recycling of used oil, is found under section 3014 (a) of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). The Act requires the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA to set recycling and performance standards for used oil to protect public health and the environment.

The Act came into effect as a result of a bill (S.2412) introduced by Senator Pete Domenici of New Mexico

According to the Congressional Research Service summary of the law, it:

Used Oil Recycling Act of 1980 - Amends the Solid Waste Disposal Act to define the terms used oil, recycled oil, lubricating oil, and re-refined oil.

Requires lubricating oil to be labeled with a statement concerning the recycling of used oil. Establishes a temporary rule (effective until labeling standards are promulgated pursuant to the Energy Policy and Conservation Act) prohibiting the Federal Trade Commission from requiring recycled oil products to bear a label indicating they are derived from recycled oil.

Authorizes the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to make a grant to a State with an approved or proposed solid waste plan which: (1) encourages the use of recycled oil; (2) discourages uses hazardous to the protection of the public health and environment; (3) calls for informing the public of the uses of recycled oil; and (4) establishes a program for the collection and disposal of oil in a safe manner.

Authorizes the Administrator to provide technical assistance to States in removing impediments to the recycling of used oil.

Directs the Administrator to: (1) promulgate regulations establishing performance standards and other requirements necessary to protect the public health and environment from hazards associated with recycled oil; (2) determine the applicability to used oil of the requirements of the Solid Waste Disposal Act concerning the listing and identification of hazardous waste and to report the determination to Congress; and (3) study disposal problems and the collection cycle of used oil, supply and demand in the used oil industry, and energy savings associated with re-refining used oil.

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