Weinberg, Alvin

Alvin Weinberg (1915-2006) is an American physicist known for his tireless promotion of nuclear power. He was director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory (1955 to 1973) and director of the Institute for Energy Analysis (IEA), of Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) that pioneered investigations of the greenhouse effect, alternate energy sources, and energy conservation (1975-1985). Weinberg served on the President’s Science Advisory Committee during the Eisenhower and Kennedy Administrations and played a role in formulating new energy policy during the 1973-74 energy crisis, including the establishment of the Solar Energy Research Institute in Golden, Colorado. During his tenure at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Weinberg participated in the development of ship-borne nuclear propulsion, and in the development of a number of unique experimental and electrical power generation reactors, including the Pressurized Light Water Reactor. He also made the case for the use of nuclear reactors to desalinate seawater while co-generating electricity.

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