Zambia country profile

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caption Map of Zambia. Source: CIA World Factbook
caption Satellite image of Zambia. Source: Cwolfsheep/Wikipedia/The Map Library
caption Mosi-oa-tunya / Victoria Falls, Zambia (Source: Embassy Lusaka Special Self-Help Coordinator Natalie Messelt 2003)

  1. General overview
    • Major environmental issues
  2. Geography
    • Overview
    • Climate
    • Major rivers, lakes, mountains, and other terrestrial features
    • Districts and cities
  3. Ecology and Biodiversity:
    • WWF Ecoregions of Zambia
  4. Natural Resources
  5. Human Society
    • Demographics
    • Human Development Index
    • Governance
    • Health issues
    • Civil society
    • Economy and trade
    • Important environmental people
    • Urbanization
  6. Protected Areas:
  7. Conservation initiatives in Zambia

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