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January 17, 2011, 4:26 pm
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Oceans 2030: Youth Outlook Multimedia Contest

NCSE is proud to announce the contest winners! 

Category: Photograph

Category: Graphic Art
Category: Video
15-17 years 15-17 years
15-17 years

1. Hope on the Horizon
Katherine Donnelly

1. Oceans of Unity
Eduardo Crespo

1. Garbage Monster
Esteban Valencia, Randi Levy,
Eduardo Hernandez, Diego Meza-Valdez

2. Black Tide
Anthony Delby

2. Ocean and its Occupants
Shayna Fujimoto

2. H2GO
Tina Humphrey, Spencer Morin, Ingrid Blanco

3. My Vision: End of Oil Age
Lauren Yockey

3. Hope
Adeyemi Adewuyi

tied with Hydroboys
Vilma Sooknanan & Robert Darcy

18-24 years
18-24 years
18-24 years

1. Phoca Vitulina
Seth Sheldon

1. Ocean Predictions
Taylor Adams

1. Dangers of Climate Change
Lisa Adolph

2. Beaches of the Gulf
Aleksandra Kastl

2. Preventing a Corrosive Ocean
Hillary Vest

tied with Voices of the Strait
Cameron Little

3. Animals of the Future
Annie Greeley & Sarah Mohamed

3. Sea Level Rising
Elizabeth Mason

3. Black and Blue
Daniell Washington, Patrizia Galantucci,
Deborah Acosta


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Oceans 2030: Youth Outlook is a multimedia - photo, video, and art - contest that provided a forum for youth to share their vision for our oceans over the next 20 years as part of NCSE's 11th National Conference on Our Changing Oceans. It was organized by NCSE in collaboration with the Aquarium of the Pacific, American Meteorological Society and Consortium for Ocean Leadership.

Top winners receive an Ipod Touch. Winning entries also receive complimentary conference registrations, are showcased at the conference's Waves of Change Ocean Expo from January 20-21, 2011, and are published online on the Encyclopedia of Earth.

To learn more about the contest, download the contest guidelines or a contest flyer. Additional resources are also available at our Ocean Learning E-Resources website.


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