AP Environmental Science Online Course

January 10, 2011, 1:34 pm
Source: UCCP
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Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course you will:

  • Know and understand the levels of the ecological hierarchy.
  • Appreciate the integration of natural processes that govern the natural world.
  • Appreciate the importance of maintaining a sustaining biosphere for the continued presence of a human population on the earth.
  • Understand the pragmatic and realistic difficulties of integrating human societal needs without further compromising ecological processes.
  • Become familiar with the ecological background to global environmental problems.
  • Realize the consequences of our individual and joint actions upon the biosphere. 

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Earth's Systems

1. Flow of Energy
2. The Cycling of Matter
3. The Solid Earth
4. The Atmosphere
5. The Biosphere

Unit 2: Human Population Dynamics

6. History and Global Distribution
7. Carrying Capacity
8. Cultural and Economic Influences

Unit 3: Natural Resources

9. Water
10. Minerals
11. Soils
12. Biological
13. Non-Renewable
14. Renewable
15. Land

Unit 4: Environmental Quality

16. Air, Water and Soils
17. Solid Waste
18. Human Health

Unit 5: Global Changes

19. First-Order Effects
20. Higher-Order Effects

Unit 6: Environment and Society

21. Economic Forces
22. Culture and Aesthetic
23. Environmental Ethics
24. Environmental Laws and Regulations
25. Issues and Options



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