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ASGAMAGE is an acronym that is the contraction of ASGAS–EX (for Air Sea Gas Exchange project) and MAGE.

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The ASGAMAGE project started on March 1, 1996 and lasted until March 1, 1999. The scientific objectives were to:

  • Find relationships between the transport coefficients for the gas fluxes and any relevant geophysical parameters;
  • Test new methods and new equipment for the measurement of air–sea fluxes of CO2, DMS and other gases;
  • Intercompare different methods and systems to measure the transfer velocity of trace gases over the sea; and
  • Find out whether and, if at all, under what conditions there can be a significant vertical gradient in the CO2 concentration in the upper meters of the water column.

ASGAMAGE consisted of two experimental periods, with the first taking place from May 6 to June 7, 1996. It involved taking measurements at and around the Meetpost Noordwijk (MPN), a research platform 9 km off the Dutch coast. The second period, taking place from Oct. 7 to Nov. 8, 1996, involved more measurements at MPN and a cruise of the RRS Challenger. The measurement activities were primarily aimed at a determination of air–sea gas transfer coefficients with the differential tracer method being made simultaneously with micrometeorological experiments.

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