Africa (collection)

Welcome to the Africa Collection!

This new collection is centered on the environmental, economic and social challenges faced by the people of Africa. The goal of this collection is to draw attention to the magnitude and complexity of the challenges faced by the African continent in general and each of the countries in particular.

The impact of these challenges goes beyond Africa which has one the world’s widest environmental, economic, and social disparities between the countries.

The contributors to the African Collection are leading scientists and organizations both from within and outside Africa.

This collection is a work in progress and you are encouraged to visit this site on a regular basis to learn more about what is being done in each of the African countries. To help you learn about the challenges faced by each of the countries we have designed an interactive map – on the right hand side of this page – including basic information on every country in Africa and EoE articles published that relate to that particular country.

You can learn more about general African issues, the authors and content partners, and check answers to some frequently asked questions about Africa by visiting the pages below. You are also invited to contribute your expertise to the Encyclopedia of Earth's Africa collection or be a part of this collaborative effort by contacting Lakhdar Boukerrou or Arielle Conti.

Countries Topics
1.  Algeria
2.  Angola
3.  Benin
4.  Botswana
5.  Burkina Faso
6.  Burundi
7.  Cameroon
8.  Canary Islands (part of Spain)
9.  Cape Verde
10.  Central African Republic
11.  Ceuta (part of Spain)
12.  Chad
13.  Comoros
14.  Côte d'Ivoire
15.  Democratic Republic of the Congo
16.  Djibouti
17.  Egypt
18.  Equatorial Guinea
19.  Eritrea
20.  Ethiopia
21.  Gabon
22.  Gambia
23.  Ghana
24.  Guinea
25.  Guinea-Bissau
26.  Kenya
27.  Lesotho
28.  Liberia
29.  Libya
30.  Madagascar
31.  Madeira (part of Portugal)
32.  Malawi
33.  Mali
34.  Mauritania
35.  Mauritius
36.  Mayotte (Administered by France)
37.  Melilla (part of Spain)
38.  Morocco
39.  Mozambique
40.  Namibia
41.  Niger
42.  Nigeria
43.  Republic of the Congo
44.  Réunion (part of France)
45.  Rwanda
46.  Saint Helena (Administered by United Kingdom)
47.  São Tomé and Príncipe
48.  Senegal
49.  Seychelles
50.  Sierra Leone
51.  Somalia
52.  South Africa
53.  Sudan
54.  Swaziland
55.  Tanzania
56.  Togo
57.  Tunisia
58.  Uganda
59.  Western Sahara
60.  Zambia
61.  Zimbabwe
  1. Population
  2. Economics
  3. Development
  4. Conflict
  5. Health
  6. Agriculture
  7. Trade
  8. Energy
  9. Climate Change
  10. Biodiversity
  11. Marine Ecology
  12. Wildlife
  13. Land
  14. Forests and Woodlands
  15. Freshwater Resources
  16. Organizations and NGO's



























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