Birds of the Albertine Rift

August 31, 2012, 11:51 am
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Grauer's Rush Warbler. Source:Claudien Nsabagasani

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1061 bird species have been recorded in the Albertine Rift area. This is 52% of all of Africa's birds. Of these species, 25 are considered to be highly threatened. The Wildlife Conservation Society (Ngabo et al.) reports a total of 41 species of bird are endemic to the Albertine Rift. This list combines two of Birdlife International's endemic bird areas (Albertine Rift and Eastern Zairean Lowlands) because there is overlap in the distribution of some of these species.



Common name

IUCN Status

Albertine Rift
endemic (AR)
or Eastern Zaire
Lowland Endemic

Phasianidae Francolinus nobilis Handsome Francolin   AR
Musophagidae Tauraco johnstoni Rwenzori Turaco   AR
Strigidae Glaucidium albertinum Albertine Owlet VU AR
Tytonidae Phodilus prigoginei Congo Bay Owl EN AR
Caprimulgidae Caprimulgus prigoginei Itombwe Nightjar EN AR
Caprimulgidae Caprimulgus ruwenzorii Rwenzori Nightjar   AR
Indicatoridae Indicator pumilio Dwarf Honeyguide NT AR
Eurylaimidae Pseudocalyptomena graueri African Green Broadbill VU AR
Paridae Parus fasciiventer Stripe-breasted Tit   AR
Timaliidae Kupeornis rufocinctus Red-collared Mountain Babbler NT AR
Timaliidae Kupeornis chapini Chapin's Mountain Babbler NT AR
Campephagidae Coracina graueri Grauer's Cuckoo Shrike NT AR
Pycnonotidae Chlorocichla prigoginei Prigogine's greenbul EN AR
Turdidae Alethe poliophrys Red-throated Alethe   AR
Turdidae Cossypha archeri Archer's Ground Robin   AR
Turdidae Zoothera tanganjicae Kivu Ground Thrush NT AR
Sylviidae Apalis argentea Kungwe Apalis EN AR
Sylviidae Apalis kaboboensis Kabobo Apalis Data Deficient AR
Sylviidae Apalis personata Montane Masked Apalis   AR
Sylviidae Apalis ruwenzori Collared Apalis   AR
Sylviidae Bradypterus graueri Grauer's Rush Warbler EN AR
Sylviidae Graueria vittata Grauer's Warbler   AR
Sylviidae Hemitesia neumanni Short -tailed/Neumann's Warbler   AR
Sylviidae Phylloscopus laetus Red-faced Woodland Warbler   AR
Muscicapidae Melaenornis ardesiacus Yellow-eyed Black Flycatcher   AR
Platysteiridae Batis diops Rwenzori Batis   AR
Prionopidae Prionops alberti Yellow-crested Helmet Shrike VU AR
Nectariniidae Cyanomitra alinae Blue-headed Sunbird AR  
Nectariniidae Nectarinia purpureiventris Purple -breasted Sunbird   AR
Nectariniidae Cinnyris regia Regal Sunbird   AR
Nectariniidae Cinnyris rockefelleri Rockefeller's Sunbird VU AR
Nectariniidae Cinnyris stuhlmanni Rwenzori Double-collared Sunbird   AR
Ploceidae Ploceus alienus Strange Weaver   AR
Estrildidae Cryptospiza jacksoni Dusky Crimson-wing   AR
Estrildidae Cryptospiza shelleyi Shelley's Crimson-wing VU AR
Apodidae Schoutedenapus schoutedeni Schouteden's swift VU EZL
Pycnonotidae Phyllastrephus lorenzi Sassi's Olive Greenbul NT EZL
Turdidae Zoothera oberlaenderi Oberlander's/Forest Ground Thrush NT EZL
Monarchidae Terpsiphone bedfordi Bedford's Flycatcher NT EZL
Ploceidae Ploceus aureonucha Golden-naped weaver EN EZL
Ploceidae Ploceus flavipes Yellow-legged weaver VU EZL

Table Source: The Wildlife Conservation Society (Reference 1, 2003)




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