Ecosystems and Human Well-being: Health Synthesis: Appendix A. Abbreviations, Acronyms and Figure Sources

September 6, 2011, 12:05 pm
Source: Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
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This is part of the Millenium Ecosystem Assessment report Ecosystems and Human Well-being: Health Synthesis.

Core Writing Team:  Carlos Corvalan, Simon Hales, Anthony McMichael.

Extended Writing Team: Colin Butler, Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum, Ulisses Confalonieri, Kerstin Leitner, Nancy Lewis, Jonathan Patz, Karen Polson, Joel Scheraga, Alistair Woodward, Maged Younes and many MA authors.

Review Editors: José Sarukhán and Anne Whyte (co-chairs); Philip Weinstein and other members of the MA Board of Review Editors.

BSE                     bovine spongiform encephalopathy
CBD                     Convention on Biological Diversity
CEA                     cost-effectiveness analysis
CO2                     carbon dioxide
DALY                   disability-adjusted life year
FAO                     Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
GDP                    gross domestic product
MA                      Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
MDG                   Millennium Development Goal
NGO                   nongovernmental organization
OECD                 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
PCBs                  polychlorinated biphenyls
SARS                 severe acute respiratory syndrome
UNCCD               United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification

Figure sources

Several figures used in this report were redrawn from figures included in the technical assessment reports in the chapters referenced in the figure captions. Preparation of several figures involved additional information as follows:

Figure SDM 1 – Harmful effects of ecosystem change on human health. The figure represents a synthesis of information on ecosystem health links from throughout the MA; most importantly from C14, R12, R16 and S11.

Figure 1.4 – Access to improved water and sanitation facilities globally. The source figures (C7 Fig 7.13 and 7.14) are based on World Health Organization and United Nations Children’s Fund, Global Water Supply and Sanitation Assessment 2000 Report, Geneva, World Health Organization – updated for 2002 using the WHO online database.

Figure 1.5 – Child mortality. The figure is based on the most recent child mortality statistics reported in the World Health Report 2005, Make every mother and child count, Geneva, World Health Organization, 2005.

Figure 1.6 – Percentage of households using solid fuel for cooking. The figure is based on data cited in R16, originally reported in the World Health Report 2002, Reducing risks, promoting healthy life, Geneva, World Health Organization, 2002.

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This is a chapter from Ecosystems and Human Well-being: Health Synthesis (full report).
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