Herman Daly Festschrift (e-book)

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Chapter 1

Denying Herman Daly: Why Conventional Economics Will not Embrace the Daly Vision
~ by William E. Rees

Chapter 2

The Importance of a Just Distribution in a "Full" World
~ by Philip Lawn

Chapter 3

Toward a Science-Based Theory of Behavior: Building on Georgescu-Roegen
~ by John Gowdy

Pre-analytic vision and Paradigm shift

Chapter 4

From Microeconomics to Macroeconomics to Earth Economics: the revolutionary contributions of Herman Daly
~ by David Batker

Chapter 5

Paradigmatic blindness: Why has Conventional Economics Failed to Embrace Daly’s Work?
~ by William E. Rees

Chapter 6

Population, resources, and energy in the global economy: a vindication of Herman Daly's vision.
~ by Jonathan Harris

Sustainable scale

Chapter 7

Hicksian Income, Welfare and the Steady State
~ by Salah El Serafy

Chapter 8

The sustainable scale of biofuel expansion in Brazil
~ by Peter May and Ademar Ribeiro

Chapter 9

Reducing Throughput
~ by Arild Vatn

Chapter 10

Ecological Creditor and Debtor Nations
~ by Mathis Wackernagel

Chapter 11

Socially Sustainable Economic Degrowth
~ by Joan Martinez Alier

Just distribution

Chapter 12

The importance of just distribution in a full world
~ by Philip Lawn

Chapter 13

Ecological and Georgist Economic Principles: A Comparison
~ by Clifford Cobb

Chapter 14

The Triumph of Pareto
~ by Gary Flomenhoft

Efficient allocation

Chapter 15

The Opportunity Cost of Non-renewable Resources in a Full World: A Herman Daly Perspective (O custo de oportunidade dos recursos naturais não-renováveis em um mundo cheio, na perspectiva de Herman Daly)
~ by Maria Amelia da Silva

Chapter 16

Restructuring Taxes to Create an Honest Market
~ by Lester R. Brown

Chapter 17

Discourse based valuation
~ by Sabine O’Hara

International Trade and Globalization

Chapter 18

International trade, globalization and the implications for community.
~ by Richard Norgaard and Richard Howarth

Chapter 19

Information, International Trade and The Tragedy of the Non-commons
~ by Joshua Farley

The Steady State Economy

Chapter 20

May there be Dalyists: Politics for a Steady State Economy
~ by Brian Czech

Chapter 21

Energy and material flows in steady state economics
~ by Cutler J. Cleveland

Chapter 22

Herman Daly and the Steady State Economy
~ by Peter Victor

Chapter 23

Making Money
~ by John B. Cobb, Jr.

Applications of Daly’s work

Chapter 24

Economic growth-based policies and social well-being in the Dominican Republic
~ by Carol Franco, Valerie Luzadis, and Jon Erickson

Chapter 25

Applications of Ecological Economics: Sustainable Development Policy in Angola
~ by Clovis Cavalcanti

The path forward: Building on Daly’s vision

Chapter 26

Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen's Neglected Contributions to Welfare Economics
~ by John Gowdy

Chapter 27

The Metaphysical Timidity of Ecological Economics: Can We Choose Life Over Entropy?
~ by Peter Brown



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