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Hütter, Ulrich

caption Hütter's Wind Turbine

Ulrich Hütter, an Austrian engineer, first described in mathematical detail the theoretical basis for the modern wind turbine. In the late 1930s, he worked as a chief engineer at the state-owned Ventimotor wind turbine firm in Weimar, outside of Berlin, Germany. His doctoral studies at Vienna University (1942) laid the theoretical foundation for the construction of modern turbines with two and three rotor blades. In addition to his engineering skills, Hütter also possessed strong aesthetic sense, arguing that turbines should “be of a timeless beauty, so that they do not in three or four decades hence burden a later generation with the heavy task of removing angular skeletons, by our indifference to the imponderable value of our environment." This foreshadowed the important role of public reaction to siting that came about later in the century.

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