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Welcome to the Malaysia Collection!  The purpose of this collection is to provide a reliable on-line resource for information about the ecology, biodiversity, environmental issues of Malaysia.  The Malaysia Collection is the first collection on the EoE to focus on a single nation. 

The Malaysia Collection is very  much a work in progress.  Development of the Malaysia Collection is currently spearheaded by Mark McGinley, the Editor-in-Chief of the Encyclopedia of Earth and an Associate Professor at Texas Tech University.

Invitation to Contribute to the Malaysia Collection

Malaysian scholars, or international scholars working in Malaysia, are invited to contribute to the Malaysia Collection by serving as Authors and Topic Editors.  In addition, university instructors are invited to have students write articles for the EoE as part of the Student Science Communication Project.  University students and other environmentally-educated individuals are invited to contribute by service as Encyclopedia of Earth Interns.

Any individuals interested in contributing to the Malaysia Collection should contact Mark McGinley (

Invitation to Content Partners

Content Partners are organizations that have a formal agreement to have their existing material published in the EoE. In most cases, such material is published verbatim from the Partner organization's material, with some editing for style and length to make the entry consistent with EoE guidelines. Remaining consistent with the EoE governance guidelines, once the entry has been added to the EoE, EoE authors may add to or edit that material. Every entry from a Content Partner is assigned to, and must be approved by, at least one Topic Editor.  Content Partners are recognized as producers of the information in the article and entries may include links from the article to the Content Partner's website.

Organizations that are interested in contributing to the Malaysia Collection as a Content Partner should contact Mark McGinley (

Invitation to Critique and Provide Input on the Malaysia Collection

The Malaysia Collection is intended to be useful to a wide audience including high school level students and teachers, university-level students and instructors, NGOs, policy makers, ecotourists and ecotourism operators, and the general public in Malaysia and internationally.  It will be extremely valuable to receive input from potential users during the development of the Malaysia Collection.  Thus, we appreciate (1) any critiques or comments you have about existing material in the collection and (2) suggestions for topics that should be included in the collection.  We are quite interested in working with users to meet their needs,  Please forward any critiques, comments, suggestions for improvements, or questions to Mark McGinley (

Outline of Topics

1. General Overview

2. Geography

3. Ecology and Biodiversity

4. Natural Resources

5. Human Society

6. Environmental Issues

7. Protected Areas

8. Ecotourism

9. Environmental Governmental Agencies

10. Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations

11. Malaysian Environmental Scientists

12. Environmental Education

13. Environmental Literature and Art

14. Environment and Religion



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