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caption Harp seal. Source: NOAA
Conservation Status

Scientific Classification

Kingdom: Anamalia (Animals)
Phylum:--- Chordata
Class:------ Mammalia (Mammals)
Order:-------- Carnivora (Carnivores)
Family:-------- Phocidae (True Seals)
Genus:--------- Pagophilus
Species:--------1 species

Pagophilus is a genus of a single species (a “monotypic” genus) within the true seal family of nineteen species: the Harp seal.

Together with the families of Eared seals and Walruses, True seals form the group of marine mammals known as pinnipeds.

The Harp seal is named after the dark harp shaped mark that is displayed on the animal's back.

caption Harp Seal from "The Fisheries and Fisheries Industries of the United States", by George Brown Goode (1887). Source: NOAA

For details: see Harp seal.

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