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Schneider, Stephen H.

May 7, 2012, 5:49 pm
caption Stephen H. Schneider.

Stephen H. Schneider (1945-2010) was an American climatologist who pioneered three-dimensional climate modeling. Schneider was well-known for his ability to integrate and interpret the results of global climate research through public lectures, seminars, classroom teaching, environmental assessment committees, media appearances, and Congressional testimony. He served as an advisor on climate change issues to every U.S. presidential administration from Richard Nixon to Barak Obama.

He was the founding editor of Climatic Change, among the first journals to foster interdisciplinary inquiry into the totality of the problem of climatic variability and change, as well as its descriptions, causes, implications and interactions. Schneider was lauded by many for his ability to bring the climate change issue into public view and to distill complex scientific issues into terms that are comprehensible to policy makers and the general public. He was a key member of the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and contributed to each of its reports. At the time of his death in July 2010, he was committed to serve as a coordinating lead author of the Fifth Assessment Report scheduled to be complete in 2014. Climate change skeptics have argued that Schneider exaggerated the risks associated with climate change.

Among his books were:

  • Science as a Contact Sport: Inside the Battle to Save Earth's Climate (2009)
  • Climate Change Policy: A Survey (2002, editor with Armin Rosencranz and John O. Niles)
  • Wildlife Responses to Climate Change : North American Case Studies (2001, editor with Terry L. Root)
  • Laboratory Earth (1996)
  • Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather (1996, Editor)
  • Global Warming: Are We Entering the Greenhouse Century? (1990)
  • The Coevolution of Climate and Life (1984)
  • Primordial Bond : Exploring Connections Between Man and Nature Through the Humanities and Sciences (1981)

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