Scott's Last Expedition: Illustrations in the First Volume

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Photogravure Plates

  • Portrait of Captain Robert F. Scott, R.N., C.V.O. (Frontispiece)
    From a Painting by Harrington Mann

From Sketches by Dr. Edward A. Wilson
  • A Lead in the Pack
  • On the Way to the Pole
  • 'Black Flag Camp'--Amundsen's Black Flag within a Few Miles of the South Pole
  • Amundsen's Tent at the South Pole
  • Cairn left by the Norwegians S.S.W. from Black Flag Camp and Amundsen's South Pole Mark
  • Mount Buckley, One of the Last of Many Pencil Sketches made on the Return Journey from the Pole

Coloured Plates From Water-colour Drawings by Dr. Edward A. Wilson

  • The Great Ice Barrier, looking east from Cape Crozier

  • Hut Point, Midnight, March 27, 1911

  • A Sunset from Hut Point, April 2, 1911
  • Mount Erebus

  • Lunar Corona

  • Paraselene, June 15, 1911

  • 'Birdie' Bowers reading the Thermometer on the Ramp, June 6, 1911

  • Iridescent Clouds. Looking North from Cape Evans
  • Exercising the Ponies
  • Mr. Ponting Lecturing on Japan


Panoramas From Photographs by Herbert G. Ponting

  • The Western Mountains as seen from Captain Scott's Winter Quarters at Cape Evans
  • Mount Terror and its Glaciers
  • The Royal Society Mountains of Victoria Land--Telephoto Study from Cape Evans
  • Mount Erebus and Glaciers to the Turk's Head


Full Page Plates
The Full Page Plates are from photographs by Herbert G. Ponting, except where otherwise stated

caption Image:Scott's Last Expedition - Crew.jpg

  • The Crew of the 'Terra Nova'

  • Captain Oates and Ponies on the 'Terra Nova'
  • 'Vaida'
  • 'Krisravitsa'
  • 'Stareek' Malingering
  • Manning the Pump
caption Image:Scott's Last Expedition - First Iceberg.jpg
  • The First Iceberg
  • Albatross Soaring
  • Albatrosses Foraging in the Wake of the 'Terra Nova'
  • Dr. Wilson and Dr. Atkinson loading the Harpoon Gun
  • A. B. Cheetham--the Boatswain of the 'Terra Nova'
  • Evening Scene in the Pack
  • Lieut. Evans in the Crow's Nest
  • Furling Sail in the Pack
  • A Berg breaking up in the Pack
  • Moonlight in the Pack
  • Christmas Eve (1910) in the Pack
  • 'I don't care what becomes of Me'
  • An Adelie about to Dive
  • Open Water in the Ross Sea

  • In the Pack--a Lead opening up
  • Cape Crozier: the End of the Great Ice Barrier
  • Ice-Blink over the Barrier
  • The Barrier and Mount Terror
  • The Midnight Sun in McMurdo Sound
  • Entering McMurdo Sound--Cape Bird and Mount Erebus
  • Surf breaking against Stranded Ice at Cape Evans

  • The 'Terra Nova' in McMurdo Sound
  • Disembarking the Ponies
  • Ponies tethered out on the Sea Ice
  • Lieut. H. E. de P. Rennick
  • Lieut. Rennick and a Friendly Penguin
  • The Arch Berg from Within
  • Something of a Phenomenon--A Fresh Water Cascade
  • The Arch Berg from Without
  • Ponting Cinematographs the Bow of the 'Terra Nova' Breaking through the Ice-floes
  • Landing a Motor-Sledge
  • Lieut. Evans and Nelson Cutting a Cave for Cold Storage
  • The Condition of Affairs a Week after Landing
  • Killer Whales Rising to Blow
  • Hut Point and Observation Hill
  • The Tenements 84 Plan of Hut Page
  • The Point of the Barne Glacier
  • Winter Quarters at Cape Evans
  • Lillie and Dr. Levick Sorting a Trawl Catch
  • Seals Basking on Newly-formed Pancake Ice off Cape Evans
  • Lieut. Tryggve Gran
  • Captain Scott on Skis
  • Summer Time: the Ice opening up
  • Spray Ridges of Ice after a Blizzard
  • A Berg Drifting in McMurdo Sound
  • Pancake Ice Forming into Floes off Cape Evans
  • Ponting Developing a Plate in the Dark Room
  • The Falling of the Long Polar Night
  • Depot Laying and Western Parties on their Return to Cape Evans
  • A Blizzard Approaching across the Sea Ice
  • The Barne Glacier: a Crevasse with a Thin Snow Bridge
  • Dr. Wilson Working up the Sketch which is given at p. 178
  • Dr. Simpson at the Unifilar Magnetometer
  • Dr. Atkinson in his Laboratory
  • Winter Work
  • Dr. Atkinson and Clissold hauling up the Fish Trap
  • The Freezing up of the Sea
  • Whale-back Clouds over Mount Erebus (Photo by F. Debenham)
  • The Hut and the Western Mountains from the Top of the Ramp
  • Cape Royds, looking North
  • The Castle Berg
  • Captain Scott's Last Birthday Dinner
caption Image:Scott's Last Expedition - Den.jpg
  • Captain Scott in his 'Den'
  • Dr. Wilson and Lieut Bowers reading the Ramp Thermometer in the Winter Night, -40° Fahrenheit--a Flashlight Photograph
  • Finnesko 228 Ski-shoes for use with Finnesko
  • Finnesko fitted with the Ski-shoes
  • Finnesko with Crampons
  • Dr. Atkinson's Frostbitten Hand
  • Petty Officer Evans Binding up Dr. Atkinson's Hand
  • Pony takes Whisky
  • The Stables in Winter
  • Oates and Meares at the Blubber Stove in the Stables
  • Petty Officers Crean and Evans Exercising their Ponies in the Winter
  • Oates and Meares out Skiing in the Night
  • Remarkable Cirrus Clouds over the Barne Glacier
  • Lieut. Evans Observing an Occultation of Jupiter
  • Dr. Simpson in the Hut at the Other End of the Telephone Timing the Observation

caption Image:Scott's Last Expedition - Bowers1.jpg

  • 'Birdie' (Lieut. H. R. Bowers)
  • The Summit of Mount Erebus
  • Capt. L. E. G. Oates by the Stable Door
  • Debenham, Gran, and Taylor in their Cubicle
  • Nelson and his Gear
  • Dr. Simpson sending up a Balloon
  • The Polar Party's Sledging Ration
  • An Ice Grotto--Tent Island in Distance
  • Dr. Wilson Watching the First Rays of Sunlight being Recorded after the long Winter Night
  • The Return of the Sun
  • C. H. Meares and 'Osman,' the Leader of the Dogs
  • Meares and Demetri at 'Discovery' Hut
  • The Main Party at Cape Evans after the Winter, 1911
  • The Castle Berg at the End of the Winter
  • Mount Erebus over a Water-worn Iceberg
  • On the Summit of an Iceberg
  • Dr. Wilson and Pony 'Nobby'
  • Cherry-Garrard giving his Pony 'Michael' a roll in the Snow
  • Surveying Party's Tent after a Blizzard (Photo by Lieut T Gran)
  • Dogs with Stores about to leave Hut Point
  • Dogs Galloping towards the Barrier
  • Meares and Demetri with their Dog-teams leaving Hut Point
  • Dr. Wilson
  • Preparing Sledges for Polar Journey
  • Day's Motor under Way
  • One of the Motor Sledges
  • Meares and Demetri at the Blubber Stove in the 'Discovery' Hut
  • The Motor Party
  • H. G. Ponting and one of his Cinematograph Cameras
  • Members of the Polar Party having a Meal in Camp (Enlarged from a cinematograph film)
  • Members of the Polar Party getting into their Sleeping-bags (Enlarged from a cinematograph film)
  • Ponies behind their Shelter in Camp on the Barrier (Photo by Capt. R. F. Scott)
  • Ponies on the March (Photo by F. Debenham)
  • Captain Scott wearing the Wallet in which he carried his Sledging Journals
  • Pressure on the Beardmore below the Cloudmaker Mountain (Photo by C. S. Wright)
  • Mount Kyffin (Photo by Lieut. H. R. Bowers)
  • Camp under the Wild Range (Photo by Capt. R. F. Scott)
  • Dr. Wilson Sketching on the Beardmore (Photo by Capt. R. F. Scott)
  • Some Members of the Supporting Parties as they appeared on their Return from the Polar Journey
  • Camp at Three Degree Depot (Photo by Lieut. H. R. Bowers)
  • Chief Stoker Lashly
  • Petty Officer Crean
  • Pitching the Double Tent on the Summit (Photo by Lieut H R Bowers)
  • The Polar Party on the Trail (Photo by Lieut. H. R. Bowers)

  • At the South Pole (Photo by Lieut. H. R. Bowers)

  • Amundsen's Tent at the South Pole Facing (Photo by Lieut. H. R. Bowers)
  • Sastrugi
  • The Cloudmaker Mountain (Photo by Lieut. H. R. Bowers)
caption Image:Scott's Last Expedition - Edgar Evans.jpg
  • Petty Officer Edgar Evans, R.N.
  • Facsimile of the Last Words of the Journal
  • Facsimile of Message to the Public

Map: British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-1913--Track Chart of Main Southern Journey At end of text


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