Terms of Environment

Source: EPA


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has compiled an online resource offering a Glossary listing Environmental Abbreviations and Acronyms.

"Terms of Environment" defines in non-technical language the more commonly used environmental terms appearing in EPA publications, news releases, and other Agency documents available to the general public, students, the media, and Agency employees. The definitions do not constitute the Agency's official use of terms and phrases for regulatory purposes, and nothing in this document should be construed to alter or supplant any other federal document. Official terminology may be found in the laws and related regulations as published in such sources as the Congressional Record, Federal Register, and elsewhere.

The terms selected for inclusion are derived from previously published lists, internal glossaries produced by various programs and specific suggestions made by personnel in many Agency offices. The chemicals and pesticides selected for inclusion are limited to those most frequently referred to in Agency publications or that are the subject of major regulatory or program activities.



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