The South Pole: Illustrations to Volume 1

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1. Roald Amundsen

2. Approximate Bird's-eye View, Drawn from the First Telegraphic Account. Reproduced by permission of the Daily Chronicle

3. The Opening of Roald Amundsen's Manuscript

3. Helmer Hanssen, Ice Pilot, a Member of the Polar Party

4. The "Fram's" Pigsty

5. The Pig's Toilet

6. Hoisting the Flag

7. A Patient

8. Some Members of the Expedition

9. Sverre Hassel

10. Oscar Wisting

11. In the North-east Trades

12. In the Rigging

13. Taking an Observation

14. Ronne Felt Safer when the Dogs were Muzzled

15. Starboard Watch on the Bridge

16. Olav Bjaaland, a Member of the Polar Party 136

17. In the Absence of Lady Partners, Ronne Takes a Turn with the Dogs

18. An Albatross

19. In Warmer Regions

20. A Fresh Breeze in the West Wind Belt

21. The Propeller Lifted in the Westerlies

22. The "Fram's" Saloon Decorated for Christmas Eve

23. Ronne at a Sailor's Job

24. The "Fram" In Drift-ice

25. Drift-ice in Ross Sea

26. A Clever Method of Landing

27. The "Fram" under Sail

28. Cape Man's Head on the Barrie

29. Seal-hunting

30. The "Fram"

31. The Crew of the "Fram" in the Bay of Whales

32. The "Fram" in the Bay of Whales

33. The First Dog-camp

34. Digging the Foundations of Framheim

35. Building the Hut

36. Unloading the Six Sledge-drivers

37. Polar Transport

38. Penguins

39. The Provision Store

40. Framheim, January, 1911

41. Suggen, Arne, and the Colonel

42. Mikkel, Ravn, and Mas-mas

43. Framheim, February, 1911

44. Prestrud in Winter Dress

45. Bjaaland in Winter Dress

46. The "Fram" Veteran, Lindstrom: the Only Man Who has Sailed round the Continent of America

47. The Start of the First Depot Journey

48. A Page from the Sledge Diary, Giving Details of Depots I. and II.

49. Framheim, March, 1911

50. Killing Seals for the Depot

51. The Meat Tent

52. The Meteorological Screen

53. Inside a Dog-tent

54. A Winter Evening at Framheim

55. The Carpenters' Shop

56. Entrance to the Hut

57. Entrance to the Western Workshop

58. Prestrud in His Observatory

59. Wisting at the Sewing-machine

60. Packing Sledges in the "Crystal Palace"

61. Lindstrom with the Buckwheat Cakes

62. On His "Native Heath": A Dog on the Barrier Ice

63. Dogs Exercising

64. Helmer Hanssen on a Seal-hunt

65. Hanssen and Wisting Lashing the New Sledges

66. Passage in the Ice

67. Johansen Packing Provisions in the "Crystal Palace"

68. Corner of the Kitchen

69. Stubberud Taking it Easy

70. Johansen Packing Biscuits in the "Crystal Palace"

71. Hassel and the Vapour-bath

72. Midwinter Day, June, 1911

73. Our Ski-binding in its Final Form

74. At Work on Personal Outfit

75. Trying on Patent Goggles

76. Hassel in the Oil-store

77. Deep in Thought

78. Funcho

79. The Loaded Sledges in the Clothing Store

80. Sledges Ready for Use Being Hauled Out of the Store-room

81. At the Depot in Lat. 80deg. S.

82. Some of the Land Party in Winter Costume

83. General Map of the South Polar Region


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