The South Pole: Illustrations to Volume 2

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  1. Roald Amundsen in Polar Kit caption Image:Amundsen - Volume 2 Frontpiece.jpg
  2. A Snow Beacon on the Barrier Surface
  3. Crevassed Surface on the Barrier
  4. Depot in 83 Degrees S.
  5. Depot in 82 Degrees S.
  6. At the Depot in Lat. 84 Degrees S.
  7. The Depot and Mountains in Lat. 85 Degrees S.
  8. Ascending Mount Betty
  9. Mount Fridtjof Nansen, 15,000 Feet Above the Sea
  10. At the End of a Day's March: the Pole Expedition
  11. The Tent After a Blizzard
  12. A Large Filled Crevasse on the Devil's Glacier
  13. Hell's Gate on the Devil's Glacier
  14. Mount Thorvald Nilsen
  15. The Sledges Packed for the Final March caption Image:Amundsen - Taking an Observation at the Pole.jpg
  16. Taking an Observation at the Pole caption Image:Amundsen - With Dogs at Pole.jpg
  17. At the South Pole: Oscar Wisting and His Team Arrive at the Goal
  18. A Page from the Observation Book, December 17, 1911 caption Image:Amundsen - South Pole Marker Tent.jpg
  19. At the South Pole, December 16 and 17, 1911
  20. Mount Don Pedro Christophersen
  21. Framheim on the Return of the Polar Party
  22. Lindstrom in the Kitchen
  23. Farewell to the Barrier
  24. Bjaaland as Tinker
  25. Dogs Landed at Hobart for Dr. Mawson's Expedition
  26. Members of the Japanese Antarctic Expedition
  27. Lieutenant Prestrud
  28. An Original Inhabitant of the Antarctic
  29. Stubberud Reviews the Situation
  30. Camp on the Barrier: Eastern Expedition
  31. A Broken-off Cape
  32. Off to the East
  33. The Junction of the Great Barrier and King Edward Land caption Image:Amundsen - Improvised Sounding.jpg
  34. Improvised Sounding Tackle
  35. The Leader of the Eastern Expedition, Prestrud, on Scott's Nunatak
  36. First in King Edward Land
  37. In King Edward Land: After a Three Days' Storm
  38. On Scott's Nunatak
  39. Scott's Nunatak caption Image:Amundsen - Fram at the Ice.jpg
  40. The "Fram" at the Ice-edge, January, 1912
  41. The "Kainan Maru" caption Image:Amundsen - Seals on Sea-Ice.jpg
  42. Seals on Sea-ice near the Barrier caption Image:Amundsen - Seals.jpg
  43. Seals: Mother and Calf
  44. A Group of Adelie Penguins
  45. A Quiet Pipe
  46. First-lieutenant Thorvald Nilsen, Norwegian Navy
  47. The Second in Command Takes a Nap
  48. The "Fram" Sighted
  49. On the Ice-edge, January, 1911
  50. Our Last Moorings on the Ice-foot
  51. A Hunting Expedition at the Foot of the Barrier
  52. Beck Steers the "Fram" through Unknown Waters
  53. Our Cook, Cheerful and Contented as Usual

Sectional Diagrams of the "Fram"

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