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Creating your profile

Experts like you are the Encyclopedia’s most valuable asset -- we prominently feature authors and editors on every article. It is essential, therefore, to create a substantive user bio of at least 150 words and upload a quality electronic image of yourself. If you have included this bio in the signup page it should be automatically included in your public profile page.

Your bio should be at least a 150 word paragraph and should include the basic information one would expect in a biographical sketch, i.e., education, job experiences, awards, interests, and so on. A link to a full CV or resume is also encouraged. Because your user profile will be viewable by the public, include only that information which you feel comfortable being seen by everyone.

  • While logged in, click on your name (top right)

  • Upload your user profile under “Biography” under the “information” tab.

  • Upload an image of yourself by clicking the “Image” tab.

  • Next, click on “Privacy” and select “Anyone” next to “Make profile visible to:”

  • Click on "save." You can go back and edit as often as you like.

Writing an article

Here is a link to our full article guidelines.

A few key rules:

  • The level of writing should target a well-informed general audience—people who think about the world around them, including the environment, and who expand their understanding with reading.

  • The minimum article length is 250 words. We recommend articles be somewhere around 1,000 words. The maximum size is 32 kilobytes, or about 5,000 words, not including images, figures, and graphs.

  • The first sentence of an article should give a succinct definition of the article's topic. The article titled 'Energy quality' presents an excellent example: "Energy Quality refers to differences in the ability of a unit of energy to produce goods and services for people."

Submitting an article

  • While logged in, click on “Add an Article” under the tab “Add New Content”

  • Write your article by typing in the editing box, or copy & paste your article from a Word document. Click "Create”. This does not send the article anywhere; it just saves it as a draft.

  • In order to be able to return to an article once you have logged out you will need to make sure that you have added your name as an author. To do this, click on the gear symbol on the top right of the page, select "Publishing Info," and then enter your name in the author slot. 

  • To access your article again, log into the EoE site and under tab labeled "Pending Content." It is located on the main Encyclopedia of Earth page, under the scrolling banner, immediately to the right of "Overview." This page will display all of the articles that you have started that are not yet published. 

The "workflow software" that allows us to track the progress of submitted articles through the review process is currently being updated. In order to assure the timely review of submitted articles we ask that all authors:

  1. send an email to the Managing Editor, Sherri Haertling (sherri.haertling@ttu.edu) letting her know that you have created a new article on the site

  2.  send an email to Sherri when you would like to submit the article for review

Publishing an article

Once you finish your article:

  • Send an email to the Managing Editor at sherri.haertling@ttu.edu with the subject heading “New Encyclopedia of Earth Article” and include the name of your new article in the body of the email.

  • A Topic Editor (TE) will then be assigned to your article—they will review the article for accuracy of the content, structure of the article, and completeness.

  • If the TE would like you to make changes to the article he/she will send a “Request Revision” message to you.

  • Once you and the TE feel the article is ready to publish the TE will click “Publish” and your article will then be viewable to the public.

Need Help?

Don’t hesitate to contact us:

Managing Editor: Sherri Haertling: sherri.haertling@ttu.edu

Editor-in-Chief: Mark McGinley: mark.mcginley@ttu.edu

Terms of Use

By contributing to the Encyclopedia of Earth:

1) You are submitting your works(s) to the Encyclopedia of Earth (“EoE”) pursuant to the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/) with the understanding that the EoE will thereafter publish your works (and may be modified) pursuant to that same license.

2) And, you have read and understand all the terms of the license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/legalcode).



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