Simulation: NASA Time Machine Visualization

February 23, 2012, 11:29 pm
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Explore the NASA climate visualizations and make assessments about accuracy and suggest relative uses around climate change.


Visit the NASA time machine. For any ONE of the models, explain whether it helps your understanding of the topic, including how NASA might improve the tool to make it clearer. I expect that you will spend some time researching and drafting your comment before you post it—postings will be graded for clarity and content. I will not grade your writing per se, but your grade will depend on the extent to which your posting is understandable. Postings should be no less than 150 words but no more than 300. Links to references are appropriate. Postings should be in standard written English, and should develop a single, coherent idea.

Funded by NASA Global Climate Change Education Grant NNXO9AL64G.

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Mynster, T. (2012). Simulation: NASA Time Machine Visualization. Retrieved from


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