Deepwater Horizon Disaster

Long road to recovery: BP's drilling disaster, Gulf Tides Part 8 (4:53)

March 5, 2011, 10:20 am
Source: Gulf Restoration Network - Videos for a Healthy Gulf

Date of Video: Nov. 3, 2010

Ongoing series by the Gulf Restoration Network documenting the environmental and community impacts of the BP disaster. Take action to support the Gulf now by clicking here.

As the nation's attention moves on, coastal restoration and recovery becomes the focus of the BP response, even as more oil shows up in coastal areas. Featuring interviews with Rosina Phillipe (Atakapa Ishak Tribe, Grand Bayou Community, LA), Rick Steiner (professor of marine ecology and oil spill expert, Anchorage, AL), Robert Wiygul (environmental attorney, Biloxi, MS), Patty Whitney (community organizer, BISCO, Thibodaux, LA), and Paul Nelson (Commercial fisherman & president, South Bay Communities Alliance, Coden, AL). Featuring music from Helen Gillet, the New Orleans Bingo! Show, and Clint Maedgen. Narrated by Brian Denzer and Tim Robbins.

Written and directed by Aaron Viles, Edited by Gino Kalkanoglu (NOLA Image Works) and Jared Serigné. Produced by Jared Serigné.

Created with the generous support of the Vitalogy Foundation and the Wallace Global Fund.

See the full Gulf Tides series by clicking here.



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