Data on the Deepwater Horizon disaster

Gulf scene investigation: oil analysis (5:56)

September 5, 2011, 7:09 pm
Source: NOAA Ocean

Since the Deepwater BP oil spill in April 2010, scientists have been collecting thousands of plant, animal, soil, and water samples to determine how the oil has impacted the Gulf's natural resources. After collection in the field, the samples get shipped to labs around the country for analysis. In this video, we'll go inside the lab to get a better understanding of how samples are analyzed, what scientists are looking for, and what happens to the data. While scientists are working hard to analyze many types of samples for a variety of reasons--seafood safety, for example--the samples being analyzed in this video will help inform the Natural Resource Damage Assessment--the process that determines how an oil spill affects the environment and ensures the responsible parties pay for restoration.



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